Solar Options NZ Ltd

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Solar Options electricity choices

Solar Options (NZ) Ltd is the largest locally owned supplier and installer of photovoltaic grid-tie and off-grid solar energy systems. 

"... drawing all our energy requirements from an abundant, limitless, natural resource ... provides a great sense of lifestyle empowerment."




Solar Options off-grid solar power systems

An off-grid system provides an opportunity for independence from power companies, allowing you the freedom to create and store your own energy. An off-gris solar Photovoltaic system uses batteries to store the electricity, generated from the sun, harnessed by the panels.

During sunshine hours the photovoltaic panels harness the UV light rays from the sun to produce Direct Current (DC) electricity.

The DC electricity is routed through wiring to a solar controller, which controls the charging of deep cycle batteries. The DC power travels from the batteries to the inverter which changes the DC battery electricity to usable AC household electricity, to supply all your household energy needs.


Solar Options grid connect solar power systems

Grid connect system ties in with your existing home electricity supply, ensuring you have all the electricity you need 24/7, regardless of weather conditions or the time of day or night. 


"A solar electricity system lifespan is over 25 years, so imagine how much it could reduce your household running costs over this time."


Solar Options Photovoltaic panels

Solar Options uses the best A Grade, Monocrystilline Photovoltaic panels available. The quantity of panels required, depends on the energy usage demand of the customer, so the more energy required naturally the more panels required.


Solar Options controller

A solar controller monitors the battery bank and regulates the charge to ensure maximum charging capacity without damaging the battery bank. The solar controller helps to prolong the life of the batteries.


Solar Options Inverter

The inverter charges the Direct Current power from the batteries to the Alternative Current power, which can then be used to run household appliances. The size of the inverter depends on the power usage of the customer. Inverters also protect the battery bank by shutting down if batteries do not have enough charge. If a back up generator is used the inverter can be set to automatically start the generator to boost the charge in the batteries.