“Regarding the solar, I was impressed with all aspects of the installation at the beginning your assessment as to what could be achieved, what would be required, the cost and the cost benefits. Also there was some added advice such as the replacement of the water cylinder and the proposal to put in as big possible cylinder. So if I was to enlarge the panel capacity or put in a storage battery I would be wanting to chat to you and get you and your team to do the job. Prior to installation of the solar system in 2014 our electricity costs averaged 214 per month after installation average for 2015 was $77 per month, in 2016 $112 per month, in 2017 $134 per month, latest figures for electricity in November $111, December $66 and January $78 – but remember we have the electricity usage in one of the cars, before we put in Solar I was driving a Toyota Highlander and using $100 to $120 per week in petrol, since putting in solar, I spend about $100 or less a month on petrol and these figures relate to all driving carried out. The electric car gives me 4.1 litres per 100 kilometres (total mileage to date) just under 40,000 kms) where as the Highlander was using 11.9 litres per 100 kms. These are overall figures including all travel such as trips to Whangarei, New Plymouth and Wellington. So financially I am happy regarding the initial installation costs.”

Dr Bert White – Ohope Beach

Solar grid tie servicing home and an electric car and a Solar hot water system