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Put the power of the sun in your pocket

Welcome to the Solar Options NZ website!

Solar Options (NZ) Ltd specializes in residential, commercial and agricultural solar technology. Solar Options (NZ) is a local family operated business, based in Whakatane, the Sunshine Capital of New Zealand.

 "Our mission at Solar Options, is to bring a free, abundant, natural energy source into all homes, creating healthier, happier, families"


Product quality and performance guaranteed

Solar Option (NZ) Ltd are supplier, installers of high quality world class solar systems.  Solar Options supplies solar products of the highest quality that they're happy to stand by. Solar Options product under go the most stringent of testing, so that long lasting, high performance, maximum achievable output and a modern clean design can be guaranteed.


Solar specific to your needs

We understand at Solar Options, that each solar requirement is unique. We take the time to understand our customers requirements and are happy to customize solar system options that are tailored specific to suit any situation. Solar Options can cater for all solar needs, from various residential requirements to heavy duty commercial and agricultural purposes. Solar Options will help you achieve the right level of solar input for all your energy consumption needs.


Expert advice

Solar Options (NZ) Ltd offers expert solar consultation, for smooth integration of solar choices and technologies into your lifestyle. Whether its a fully self-sufficient off-grid system you dream of, or the luxury of supplying electricity back with a grid-tied system, to saving lots of dollars on your electricity bill with a solar hot water unit. Our Consultant is happy to spend the time and answer all the solar questions you have and undertake site visit assessments, understanding that no two case are the same. Our Solar Options consultant will also take care of all the paperwork associated to achieving the required local council consent, to make the job easy and stress free.


Bring a limitless abundant, natural resource into your home

At Solar Options our aim is to provide a world class, reliable solar systems at affordable prices. Our aim is to provide the opportunity for as many families as possible to improve the quality of their home environment. Solar is a lifestyle investment with real returns. By becoming independent of electricity companies and dramatically reducing or completely eliminating a monthly electricity bill, offers an incredibly satisfying sense of freedom. With solar incorporated into your home, you are guaranteed to increase the value of your house, definitely more attractive to buyers. 

Make a difference and reduce greenhouse emissions and avail of a limitless, abundant natural resource.


Friendly customer service

At Solar Options we value customer service. We offer genuine expertise with personalized advice and customized quotes. We also know that while we may have expertise in solar technology, our customers are still becoming informed about solar energy, so we will spend the time to talk solar with you. After you have purchased from Solar Options we are proud to offer a continued, local, one point of customer contact, including a free 12 month system service. Being a local business we're readily accessible and available. Our team of installers are local and certified in their trades. Our friendly and experienced staff are always eager to help you.  It is our aim to understand our customers, and tailor specific hot water and solar solutions specific to each customers needs and requirement.


"honest customer care, genuine expertise with personalized advice and quotes"