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Solar options provides a consultancy service where we’ll work with you to advise and design the best system for your situation.

Every solar solution requires a different solar system and requires expert design to achieve the best results.  Solar Options designs and installs the best solar systems customised to meet your needs. A solar photovoltaic system needs to be designed to suit both the premises and individual needs of the end user, whether for business or residential. This involves analysis of the user’s consumption profile to design an efficient solution. The same design considerations are also required for solar hot water.

The design process is carried out by our in-house solar consultant, experienced in the art of solar design, while the installation needs to be performed by fully qualified and accredited installers and technicians.

Solar Options prides itself in custom designed solar generation and related energy management systems. Before preparing a recommendation and quotation, we will carefully assess both the site and the customer’s specific energy usage pattern. The aim is to achieve the most efficient result – both electrically and financially.

Design Process happens in 3 steps
  • The first step is to assess the customer’s power usage requirements. It’s not just a matter of how much power is consumed, but also when it is consumed. Future power needs and the possibility of reducing usage by increased efficiency is also considered. Our customers fill out an energy assessment, only then can the financial performance of the system be assessed – including estimated payback periods and return on investment.
  • Secondly, the location of an installation is considered. Shade analysis is critical in designing the best output from a solar array. Other considerations include aspect, orientation and even aesthetics.
  • The third step is to design the electrical layout, to ensure the equipment performs safely and efficiently in varying weather conditions. This involves selecting the right inverter to best suit both the physical layout and the demands on the system. Once this process is completed, we can then confidently recommend a system that will most efficiently meet your needs
  • “We will never subject you to high-pressure sales techniques. We will listen to your needs and provide you with the information and the time you need to make your decision”
Energy audits and efficiency plans
  • A detailed energy audit can identify and quantify your power consumption. This is the first step towards increasing efficiency and saving money. Whether you are a householder or a large commercial consumer, we can offer fully costed solutions tailored for your circumstances.
  • We offer a free energy assessment and advice with all solar quotes. Or if you prefer, we can produce a more detailed efficiency plan and even quote on any work required.

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