Solar Options NZ Ltd

Put the power of the sun in your pocket

Solar Hot Water 

Solar Options (NZ) Ltd is the leading supplier of solar evacuated tube, hot water systems in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

"Solar Options NZ Ltd evacuated tube, solar hot water systems, works on sun light, not sun heat. Producing hot water on cloudy, overcast, frosty and even wet days".



Solar Options guarantees quality and reliability

The Solar Options, solar hot water system is an evacuated tube system of German design, tailored specifically to NZ climate and conditions. Tests carried out in Ireland and Australia showed that evacuated tube systems were over 130% more efficient than flat plate, solar hot water systems. Through the most stringent testing and research we believe at Solar Options, that no other hot water system compares in quality, efficiency and out put. We're happy to stand by and guarantee this product.


 "Save 75% on water heating costs in the next year or we pay the difference"


Make savings to your family budget

We all know how much a hefty monthly electricity bill can impact on family budgets. From research it has been proven that more than a third of an electricity bill is derived from heating household hot water. Solar Options guarantees that the average family household will make a savings of 75% on their water heating costs by installing a Solar Options solar hot water system.



Solar Savings





Monthly electricity bill $200 per month


Annual estimate of water heating costs is 34%

Savings on annual water heating costs by using a Solar Options hot water system is 75%




This information was obtained from BRANZ Report 2010 and ECCA research based on water heating costs for the average home


Make a difference 

Installing a solar hot water system in your home has the annual equivalence to planting 200 trees or removing a small car off the road. It will also reduce up to 1.5 tons of harmful gas emissions per year.




"We are very happy with our new solar water heating system.  Gerry made sure we had the right size system and hot water storage to suit the size of our household and our needs.   In fact we have enough surplus solar heating for much of the year from the tubes on the roof to enable heating the spa pool also.   Installation was pretty streamlined with other things we were doing to the house at the time.  Gerry knows his products pretty well and we are very happy that we could call him at any time if we had any queries or concerns".  

David & Wendy Moore



We are so confident of the quality and performance of our solar hot water systems that we offer a 10 year warranty on the collector solar tubes and a 7 year warranty on the aluminum framing.



Solar Options, solar hot water systems are compliant with New Zealand testing standards and regulations:

  • AS:NZS:2712:2007
  • AS:NZS:2535:2007
  • AS:NZS:4234:2008
  • AS:NZS:3498:2009